The success of Bitu-mill’s Urban Division is based on our partnership approach

From clients and authorities, to subbies and our delivery team, we are collaborative and solution focussed. Bitu-mill now deliver in excess of $50 million p.a. in sub-division projects for a diverse range of clients. Our growth remains steady and measured. Our well planned and resourced team delivers beyond our promises, and beyond our client’s expecations.

Our People

Bitu-mill have built a team with an impressive history of experience across many aspects of civil construction. With a team of over 300 employees including  engineers and supervisors, Bitu-mill has a large versatile workforce.


Bitu-mill has a large modern fleet of plant and machinery for a large array of self performed works.

Excavators (ranging from 50 tonne to 6 tonne), Graders, Rollers, Water carts, Trucks plus our own asphalt, sealing and road profiling crews giving us control over the key delivery requirements of our works. We have assembled crews to self perform almost all aspects of our projects, as well as having a core group of subcontractors who we partner with regularly.

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