Friends of Africa Charity Golf Day

Friends of Africa Charity Golf Day

Bitu-mill has just completed its 9th Annual Charity Golf day and with the funds raised from this year’s event being directed to help build a solar power station at Nzara Hospital South Sudan.

Nzara Hospital was supported by Bitu-mill back in 2013 and is where the Ultrasound Machine that was donated is currently in use for diagnostics in the hospital ER and for out-patient. The Ultrasound is being used by the US Army Medical team where previously no diagnostic services where available. The US Army Doctors have trained a local nurse in the ongoing use of the Ultrasound.

Nzara hospital is about to embark on developing X-ray facilities, being provided by the US Army Medical Corps. To operate the X-ray facility Nzara need a solar power station that will cost $250,000. With $100,000 already allocated to the project Bitu-mill has committed to help raise the shortfall of $150,000 in funds over the coming years.

This is happening with the expert assistance and partnership of renowned hospital architects, Ian Laging and Helen Berthelsen (new Royal Children’s, Epworth) and Martin Dingemanse ( who has a personal and company track record of delivering innovative and sustainable development solutions including his projects in South Sudan.

This was the 9th annual event where we raised $50,288 in cash  To date we have raised in excess of $596,000 as well as a generous donation of a portable Ultra Sound Machine now in use in the clinics in East Africa.

Congratulations to the winning team from Fleet Plant Hire

The golf day remains an annual event through the commitment of our sponsors. Without them it is nothing.
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