• Graduate Engineer (Metro)

  • Site Engineer (Metro)

  • Project Engineer (Metro)

  • Project Manager (Rural)

After completing my civil engineering degree, I joined Bitu-mill as a site engineer in July 2013. During the first two years at Bitu-mill I was mentored by an experienced Project Manager who taught me the fundamental duties and responsibilities of an engineer in the road construction industry. I was later promoted to a Project Engineer and then a Project Manager role, where I was responsible for the delivery of multiple projects at a time, while directly reporting to the construction Manager. I have also spent time with the Metro and Rural divisions of Bitu-mill, which has provided a terrific insight into the different road construction methods used in both areas.


  • July 2013 – Present

Learnings & development

One of the key advantages of working with Bitu-mill has been the exposure to all facets of managing a project including tendering, project start-up, budgeting, cost tracking, financial reporting of projects, programming, safety and environmental, quality assurance and communicating with stakeholders. Gaining exposure to all of these aspects of project management have been invaluable and it is unlikely that I would have had the same diversity and opportunity at a larger company during the first 5 years of my career.

My graduate program highlights

The Cooper Street Widening project was the first major project I worked on and provided me with a great fundamental understanding of road construction, particularly the VicRoads specifications which I still reflect on and use in my current role. Managing and delivering the Southland ticketless parking project on a tight program was also a highlight, as this involved the reconstruction of 17 different accesses into the carparks, whilst liaising and dealing with other contractors, shopping centre management, the public and the client.

Why Bitu-mill is a great place to start your career

Due to the structure and size of Bitu-mill, there are tremendous opportunities for development, the projects we work on are stimulating and the culture within the company is very inclusive. The company rewards hard work and provides plenty of support from senior staff.

Biggest challenges

The Waverley Road reconstruction was a difficult project due to service clashes, multiple design changes and high volume traffic and pedestrian movements. The Sladen Street duplication in Cranbourne was another complex project which was also heavily affected by adverse weather over winter.
Although these projects were challenging and stressful at the time, the lessons learned from these experiences have helped me grow and feel more comfortable when encountering similar situations.