• Graduate Engineer

  • Site Engineer

  • Project Engineer (Rural)

  • Project Manager (Rural)

Joining the Bitu-mill Graduate program while still completing my Bachelor at Deakin, allowed me to get hands on experience all while successfully completing my degree. During my time, I joined the construction crew as a general labourer and shortly after I moved to the role of a Graduate Engineer working on the
Warragul Rail Underpass Project, this was great as I got a chance to grow my technical experience in pavements, concrete and geotechnics. The graduate program also gave me the chance to experience Bitu-mill Head Office life, assisting with cost tracking, budgeting and estimating on a variety of projects under a variety
of different project managers. Moving on from the office I made the a shift to Bitu-mill’s Rural Civil Division where I started managing road construction projects solo under the advice of the Construction Manager. Without a doubt the Bitu-mill graduate program has helped me increased my capability and capacity to take
on larger construction projects and I look forward to further developing my skill set within this supportive and professional environment.


  • March 2014 – Present

Learnings & development

The company invests in your career by providing further training into your ultimate career path, if you have desire to complete a course that will further your career Bitu-mill will look into it. This development technique is one to take advantage of. To date I have gained experience in the following areas:

  • Project Management;
  • Client Management;
  • People Management;
  • Project Performance Evaluation;
  • OHS Skills;
  • Estimating;
  • Construction Practices;
  • Development an understanding of drawings
    and specifications.

My graduate program highlights

Being involved in the Warragul Rail Underpass which contained over 500 soil nails and shotcrete retaining wall. Delivering Midland Highway Overtaking Lanes
on time, budget and to the clients satisfaction.

Why Bitu-mill is a great place to start your career

Bitu-mill has provided me with the room to grow and develop into my current role. The consistent support from colleagues and managers, all with different professional background, has only made my experiencing an enriching and enjoyable one. The fact that Bitu-mill is rapidly expanding makes it really exciting time to be part of the Group.

Biggest challenges

Like most things in life, nothing is ever smooth sailing, there are a couple of challenging times during my Bitu-mill Grad program experience, and they were:

Managing the testing and quality documents of the Warragul Rail Underpass.

Having 4 work crews working 4 different sections on the Midland Highway overtaking lanes.

Looking back now, what got me through these challenges was the unwavering support I got from my managers and mentors, my success is their success!