• Grader Operator / Leading Hand

  • Graduate Engineer (Metro)

  • Site Engineer (Metro)

  • Project Engineer (Metro)

  • Project Manager (Metro)

If you find yourself invited to take part in Bitu-mill Graduate program, you will encounter an environment that is tailored for you to grow and one which will offer you a well-rounded learning environment. Bitu-mill (Metro) is a division that will challenge you as an engineer and give opportunity in all areas from tendering,
to constructing, to handover, this division tackles projects in high traffic areas, complex design and major earthworks. What I have discovered during my time at Bitu-mill, if you are ready to put in time and show effort the company will recognise your dedication and work with you to achieve your goals.


  • November 2015 – Present

Learnings & development

The Metro division will help grow your career under the supervision of well-rounded Mangers, where you will be able to ask a million question, make small mistakes and not be dragged over the coals, and promote collaborative environments.

My graduate program highlights

I have had numerous highlights during my time at Bitu-mill, the following are my top highlights:

  • Fast growth to current role
  • Being part of Bridge road Melton south. Bitu-mill’s first 2-span bridge structure with adjoining roads and service alteration
  • My time in Rural civil working and leading many rural projects in Victoria

Why Bitu-mill is a great place to start your career

My time at the company has given many opportunities over the years. Bitu-mill understands the balance between work-life and promotes core family value mentality. The company is large and growing but still manages to value their employees as an asset and not a number. I have been with the company for 5-years and proud to be a part of the successful growth.

Biggest challenges

Being a mature-age graduate the biggest challenge I faced was learning restraint as coming into the engineering role at a later age (and after being in the industry for 10 years) was at times a little unsettling, I overcame these hurdles with the support of my mentors.