Bitu-mill recently delivered Stockland’s sales office at their new Katalia estate – a 1500 lot master planned, ‘walkable’, community in Donnybrook with 15 ha of open space.

The Sales Office for any development is a central element in a successful marketing campaign – it has to stand out, be safe and easy to access and set up very quickly. Established and attractive landscapes in particular, make a powerful first impression for prospective buyers.

Collaborating with Landscape Architects, Thompson Berrill, Bitu-mill Landscapes managed all aspects of this work using our own teams. Bitu-mill surveyed, cleared the site, built the car park (the asphalt was laid by Bitu-mill’s asphalt paving team), installed drainage, laid the turf and planted some 65 trees – all in 20 working days!

A happy client and impressed prospective buyers was the result.