Our Solar System

Our Solar System

The road maintenance and civil construction industries are not typically renowned for promoting a positive impact on environmental sustainability. It’s an unavoidable reality; the industry demands the use of diesel hungry machinery, is reliant on the use of non-sustainable resources and development can have the effect of adversely disrupting natural ecologies.

On the job site, Bitu-mill prides itself on taking whatever steps possible to minimise its impact on the environment, for example:
Maintaining and continually updating a modern, efficient fleet of machinery. Wherever possible, recycling milled asphalt product so it can be reused.

Likewise, in the office space Bitu-mill has taken the initiative to:

Update all 156 office lighting panels from relatively efficient T5 fluorescent tubes to ultra-efficient LED light panels.

Update all 48 incandescent high-bay lighting systems in the workshop to ultra-efficient LED downlights. This system is supported by a light sensing bypass switch, which turns off the power if there is enough natural light in the area.

And finally, Bitu-mill has just finished the installation of a 100kw solar power system. The system is comprised of 340 x 290w panels, 4 x 25kw SMA inverters and has the potential to produce an average of 340kw per day. This is above and beyond the average daily usage, which means the system should contribute power back on to the grid.

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