Project Description

Project Ashford Park Estate Commencement 2018
Location Werribee, Victoria Completion Ongoing of Rollover Stages
Client Baycrown Pty Ltd  Value >$10 Million


The Ashford Park Estate is located just 40km’s west of Melbourne CBD in the thriving suburb of Werribee. Consisting of 5 stages, this area has been under significant subdivisional development over the recent years which sees numerous developers working within proximity to one another.

Ashford Park Estate is a greenfield subdivision that sees the construction of more than 180 lots. Works consists of significant earthworks, drainage, sewer and water reticulation plus civil works in co-ordination with Relevant Authorities servicing the estate. All five stages of Ashford Estate have been awarded to Bitu-mill due to our proactive approach and our constancy with producing quality works.


  • Bulk Earthworks

  • Drainage & Water Reticulation

  • Installation of Electrical & NBN Assets

  • Sewer installation by LaserBore >7m deep

  • Melbourne Water Scheme Drainage

  • Works within the vicinity of cultural heritage reburrial zones

  • Road widening and major service relocations


Bitu-mill faced several challenges, one of which was the sewer construction greater than 7m deep. Innovation and continuous collaboration with the client resulted in an amendment of the design to undertake a laser bore, thus reducing the risks associated with an open cut under HV electrical assets. The works were completed safely and successfully with bore installations.

Our collaborative and innovative approach also saw many other solutions implemented throughout the project, aiding in saving valuable time and money for all involved.


  • Management of internal water flows where free flowing outfalls were yet to be constructed
  • Bitu-mill were able to safely dispose of asbestos contaminated material that had resulted from existing structures onsite.
  • Bitu-mill successfully achieved the reburial of culturally significant artefacts by working closing with all stakeholders in conjunction with the Cultural Heritage Management Plan.


  • All stages of Ashford Park are subject to the construction of Alfred Road. Stage 1 is programmed be completed ahead of Alfred Road precinct works with stages 2-5 on program for delivery
  • Bitu-mill’s collaborative approach has allowed the project to be constructed on time and budget.


  • Exceptional Quality works during construction has led to Baycrown awarding all stages of Ashford Park Estate to Bitu-mill.

“The level of communication and transparency along with the high-level workmanship and timely nature has provided us the utmost confidence.”

Armond Keshishian, Baycrown