Project Description

Project Alfred Road Precinct Commencement January 2019
Location Werribee, Victoria Completion August 2019
Client Baycrown, Intrapac & Dacland Value >$5 Million


The Alfred Road Precinct consists of four separate projects in Werribee including Kings Leigh Stage 9C, Kings Leigh Stage 14, Alwood 3A & Ashford Park DCP. The works completed along this stretch of jobs include greenfield subdivision for the adjoining development & the road reconstruction of approximately 600m on Alfred Rd.

This unique project was awarded to Bitu-mill through hard work and exceptional planning by our project team. We saw the opportunity to provide exceptional value and save time for multiple clients. Liaising with all three clients, we were successful in obtaining approval from local council for a significant road closure to assist in accelerating the works based on our proven track record on similar works.


  • Bulk Earthworks

  • Drainage & Water Reticulation

  • Installation of Electrical & NBN Assets

  • Approximately 600m Road Reconstruction

  • Substantial Retaining Walls

  • Electrical HV relocation


One of the major differences with this project, was the ability for Bitu-mill to manage multiple clients simultaneously.

Bitu-mill assisted in reducing copious amounts of risk to the clients by tackling the job wholly rather than individually. This in turn gave Bitu-mill the ability to overcome constructability issues that arose between the multiple jobs in a well-planned manner.

We successfully worked within the vicinity of an existing 600mm City West Water feeder main to complete pavement construction and approximately 50 road crossings. This was well planned by the site team and took a lot of diligence.

Construction of multiple retaining walls, one of which was built behind live traffic on Alfred Road, a 90m Concrete Sleeper retaining wall. With limited access, Bitu-mill had to use alternative methods to excavate and backfill the wall not only to ensure its strength and longevity but with the most important aspect being the safety for all workers and the public.


  • Minimum disturbance to residents by ensuring dust control was a primary focus.


  • Facing a 19 week road closure to construct the Alfred Road to a trafficable stage, Bitu-mill’s ability to coordinate with local authorities allowed us to succeed in significantly reducing the overall impacts to road users by reducing disturbance and reopening traffic on Alfred Road with no extensions, even with numerous weather delays in between.


  • Managing the QA within a narrow timeframe ensured all authorities permitted the works to progress without delay. This was very important considering the tight road closure timeframe

“Their team has been very diligent and proactive…to deliver the desired positive outcome that we as a developer have come to expect.”

John Sill, Intrapac