Buloke Shire

Reconstruction and repair of flood and storm damaged roads, bridges and culverts

The project was one of the largest and last flood recovery packages in Victoria resulting from the floods in Northern Victoria during the period of November 2010 and Jan 2011.

The contract duration was 2 years and to a value of $45 million. Project accelerated completed works 6 months early on 30th June 2014.

Works involved road reconstruction, grading of roads, resealing, stabilisation re-sheeting and sealing, Geo testing, pavement survey and design, repairs to culverts, bridges and waterways.

Project information:

Up to 17 crews were working not the project at any one time and Bitu-mill had a max of 12 grader crews working at one time.

  • 1850km of graded gravel road, earth roads and shoulders
  • 850,00m2 of gravel pavement constructed
  • 155km of roads requiring pavement testing and design together with surveying and preparation of plans
  • 110 minor culvert repairs
  • 35 bridge and waterway repairs
  • 130,00 m2 of major sealed road repairs including stabilisation, re-sheeting and top coat sealing
  • 350,000m2 of sami re-seals
  • 2,300 ITP’s and supporting quality documentation

Working for such a long period within a very expansive Municipality such as Buloke Shire endeared Bitu-mill to the local community and established many rewarding connections with the Shire, local community, bowling, football, tennis and harness racing groups.


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  • Client: Buloke Shire
  • Services: Civil Construction, Road Reconstruction, Geo Testing, Design