Bitu-mill has the resources, equipment and know how to carry out any requirement in the construction or rehabilitation of road pavements.

Bitu-mill offers the following road maintenance and rehabilitation services:

  • Profiling removal and tipping (or reuse) of the old base course
  • Removal and replacement of the sub grade
  • Placement of new gravels/crushed rock – often material milled elsewhere (such as RAP) can provide a sound base layer
  • Installation of drainage, whether pipes, culverts or table drains
  • Kerb and gutter
  • Footpaths
  • Laying of wearing course (AC or spray seal)
  • Painting of lines
  • Erection of road furniture such as signs, guideposts and fences


Full road reconstruction can be carried out by Bitu-mill on behalf of contractors with confidence that:

  • Bitu-mill can turn a failed pavement into a new sealed road.
  • Bitu-mill can supply work crews and additional resources to undertake complete packages of work without contractors having to draw on their own resources.



Additional Services