Pavement Profiling & Recycling

Bitu-mill has a large state of the art fleet of road profilers


Bitu-mill has one of the largest state of the art fleet of profilers from the small and versatile W350 machine through to 1 meter, 1.5 meter, 2 meter and  2.2 meter Profilers which broaden options for the contractors.

Profiling services are quickly becoming recognized as a means of site excavation and as an alternative to hydraulic excavation works. This method of excavation is much quicker and neater, with the added advantage that all milled materials can be recycled. The increased rate of production means that disruption to business and local traffic is greatly minimized.

Bitu-mill has a range of specialised machines with dust extraction systems, fine mill and and deep lift drums to cater for a wide range of client applications.

Having both paving and profiling plant Bitu-mill are able to conduct full mill and fill services for our clients.

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