Matthew Graham

Matthew Graham


Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill

General Manager

Lindsay Clinch

Lindsay Clinch

Chief Financial Officer

Jason Selmon

Jason Selmon

National Profiling Manager

Alison Lione

Alison Lione

PA Management/HR Officer

David Morson

David Morson

Finance and Admin Manager


HSEQ & National Support

Jeff Purcell

Jeff Purcell

HSEQ Manager

Alison Dixon

Alison Dixon

HSEQ and System Administrator

Craig Williams

Craig Williams

Business Development Manager

Tony Hindson

Tony Hindson

Facility Maintenance Manager

Bitu-mill Rural Civil & Bitu-mill Metro Civil

Ashley Nunn

Ashley Nunn

Rural Construction Manager

Nathan Crothers

Nathan Crothers


Brendan Skiba

Brendan Skiba

Metro Construction Manager

Brian Reece

Brian Reece


Bitu-mill Urban Civil & Bitu-mill Micro Stabilisation

Jarrod Shearson

Jarrod Shearson

Urban Construction Manager

Bernie Anderson

Bernie Anderson

Project Manager

Des Smith

Des Smith

Micro Stabilisation Manager

Clinton Sime

Clinton Sime



Adrian Roche

Adrian Roche

Pre Contracts Manager

Simon Lee

Simon Lee

Rural Senior Estimator

Thomas Wickham

Thomas Wickham

Senior Estimator

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

Senior Estimator

Priya Dinesh

Priya Dinesh




Stuart Sherlock

Stuart Sherlock

Survey Divisional Manager

Tague O'Callaghan

Tague O'Callaghan


Neil Baker

Neil Baker


Bitu-mill Road Maintenance – Profiling VIC

Derek Thomas

Derek Thomas

Profiling VIC Manager

Sean Cornish

Sean Cornish

Field Supervisor

Andrew Rhode

Andrew Rhode

Partnership Manager

Ivan Nettleton

Ivan Nettleton


Bitu-mill Road Maintenance – Profiling NSW

Frank Russo

Frank Russo

Profiling NSW Manager

Charlie Zammit

Charlie Zammit

Operations Manager

Nathanial Cavanagh

Nathanial Cavanagh

Partnership Manager

Sebastian Neale

Sebastian Neale


Kerri  Moreau

Kerri Moreau

Office Administrator

Bitu-mill Road Maintenance – Profiling SA

Ashley Rosenthal

Ashley Rosenthal

Profiling SA Manager

Dwayne Nesbit

Dwayne Nesbit

Civil Works Manager

Kelly Altamura

Kelly Altamura

Office Administrator

Craig Muller

Craig Muller

Partnership Manager

Jovan Nicolic

Jovan Nicolic

Project Engineer


Bitu-mill Road Maintenance – Profiling QLD

Nathan Reeves

Nathan Reeves

Profiling QLD Manager

David Wicks

David Wicks

Partnership Manager

Asphalt Division

Luke Kennedy

Luke Kennedy

Asphalt Divisional Manager

Paul Graham

Paul Graham

Operations Manager

Mark Kirkpatrick

Mark Kirkpatrick

Asphalt Civil Operations Manager

Ben Hanecek

Ben Hanecek

Project Engineer


Ricky Ludwig

Ricky Ludwig

Workshop Manager

Karyna Robb

Karyna Robb

Equipment Officer

Christian Whithers

Christian Whithers

Senior Diesel Mechanic